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Call of Mystra  -  A friendly, semi-casual, LGBT-friendly Neverwinter Guild.
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AureusMake sure you don't miss on any of this!

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Ghost   I'm surprised how generous they are this year with rewards. It will be really nice for everyone, new...
AureusYou can enter "fbyjHBUe" in ARC redeem page to get Renegade Illusionist green companion (account wide) and a few other goodies.
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AureusFrom now until June 8th, you can claim a Cambion Magus (green) by entering "Manyeyes" as a code in ARC client. 1 par account, btc on pick up from claim agent.
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AureusCheck out the forum here if you got a White Owlbear mount that got stuck BTA or BTC after the promotion:

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GhostAfter looking throu ALL the new mod content i can safely say this is the most interesting thing ive spotted. Who wouldnt want this for a mount?! xD Well Vesp first prolly :p
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Chantra Everlight   I heard there's also a swarm of bats? That one's going to be a high seller...
Vespera   Bats, meh, not impressed (SS on preview forum btw). Witch broom - OMG yes please!
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Aureus   created a new thread Craddle od the death god in the Dungeons & Skirmishes forum
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