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I am in no way even in the top 10% of GWF's. But since my time here i have increased my effectiveness 10 fold. Most thanks goes out to Ghost for my baseline build and Vladek for some tweeking. So thanks guys. As for my build, it is here as follows:

Disciple of Strength 3/3
Toughness 3/3
Endless Assault 3/3
Armor Specialization 1/3
Steely Defense 5/5
Weapon Mastery 2/3
Devastating Critical 3/3

Student of the Sword 5/5

Great Weapon Focus 5/5
Disciple of War 5/5
Mighty Blade 5/5
Executioner's Style 5/5
Relentless Battle Fury 5/5
Focused Destroyer 5/5
Battle Awareness 5/5
Destroyer's Purpose 1/1

Boons: listed by campaign - t=top/b=bottom/#=verticle ones

Sharandar: b/b/t/b/3
Dread Ring: t/t/b/b/3
Icewind Dale: b/b/b/b/3
Underdark: b/b/b/b/3
Tyranny : b/b/b/t/1x1/2x3
The Maze Engine: t/t/t/3
Elemental Evil: t/t/t/4
SKT: b/b/t/b/2x1/1x3
Cloaked: t/b/b/1st
Chult: Tyrant x1/Beast's Burden x1/Ovewrgrown x1/Soul Syphon


Air, Water, Fire Archons / Erinyes of Belial / Young Yeti (will replace with "Siege Master" soon)
Fire Archon is summoned with 3R12 Bonds and some crappy gear till I can upgrade.


Magistrate's Patience / Protector's Camaraderie / Barbarian's Revelry / Assassin's Covenant / Wanderer's Fortune
All purple insignias.

Powers Loadout:

Daily's: Slam/Crescendo
Class Features: Destroyer/Wrathful Determination
Encounters: Q:Daring Shout / E:Battle Fury / R:Hidden Daggers
At-Wills: Sure Strike / Weapon Master Strike

Im not done tweeking the build yet and will update as i do. If you have any questions just PM me or hit me up in TS.
Posted Jan 11, 18 · OP
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Pumpkin Brigade!
Sahha MVP
I want to hit the Like button, but it doesn't exist, dammit!

Thank you for posting your build, Zanros. XD
Posted Jan 12, 18
Gregg a
Servants of Mystery
Thanks for posting bud, I know how much time it takes.
Posted Jan 12, 18
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