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Outside of Neverwinter gaming, I am also a big fan of traditional tabletop Dungeons and Dragons. Recently I have begun putting together a world for D&D play complete with maps, societies, etc. I have much already down in electronic formats and scribbled all over my notepad, but I am interested in getting these pieces in order and together to paint a more complete picture of what I have in mind. Beyond just play in the world of my creating, I think I might also be interested in writing some fantasy novellas or short stories to further detail some of the intricacies that just can't be done justice otherwise.

That said, are any of you experienced with this type of thing? Writing and World Building? Do you know of any online/computer tools that I might employ to help organize this as I progress, or any tips/suggestions that may help ensure I don't miss anything crucial in this long process?

Thank you all for taking the time to read this. I hope to be able to share more details about the world I'm creating in the future.

Bright blessings,

Posted Dec 10, 17 · OP · Last edited Dec 10, 17
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I'm a writer by degree and trade, so it always makes me happy to see others up to these activities as well. :d

As for tools, I'm afraid the only one I'm familiar with is Scrivener:

This is for keeping track of large projects, although you can use it for smaller ones, and it has a lot of interesting options. There are some map-building tools out there somewhere, but I'd have to find my notes again to recommend any. You might try the Cartographer's Guild (?) on DeviantArt, though. Or look up world-building communities there. They talk about different programs and tools to use.
Posted Dec 10, 17
Scouts of the Shooting Star

As for keeping characters organized, Focus on the main one or two and create their profiles first and separate, then plunge them into the world and edit it based on that. Whenever you make a new character or create an interaction Make a new profile for that person or monster, but don't feel the need to fill it in completely until the end. It will be easier to meld the support characters to as needed in the story you create if you keep them blank. If your making this a choose your own path type thing, it helps then to make a character instead as you want.. and then after your story is finished, rewind and remove him from the setting and area, Kind of like make the whole world, and let the player fill it back in type of thing.. it's just so much easier to actually make the paths you want first. Keep in mind only 2 to 3 choices/paths are really necessary don't need to consider everything.

As for the setting, first choose a time period, then a place. Some research is usually required in this area to get an idea of settings for it, if your basing it off of a real timeline. If it's complete fantasy, it's easier to take some of the real history of our world and morph it how you wish.. It's always more difficult to create everything from scratch in a sense, and helps keep things in order a bit more. Also lets any readers or players have a sense or feel they can relate to.

Map making is always hard, there are plenty of free online programs out there for maps, when i started i read a few guides for map making.. for example:

For a free software online that's flash based to make maps there's:

Though I will tell you it will take a lot more time for this, than just drawing it yourself.

Hope those things help~
Posted Dec 10, 17
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Thank you for the feedback and great suggestions!
Posted Dec 11, 17 · OP
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I might sound like a total noob, but as far as the writing part, I downloaded the free version of Grammarly and it has saved me from a ton of typos and just makes general editing easier. Good luck on your endeavor!
Posted Dec 21, 17
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