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(upd.29th May 2017) PVE Master Infiltrator Executioner TR build

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This is my current TR setup, for whoever may be interested in using a similar build ill try to detail it below. It's a fully PvE setup too.
Before we get started thou here are a few important things you need to know about TR:
1. While in stealth TR always has 100% critical chance with anything he uses.
2. While in stealth TR always has Combat Advantage bonus which means increased damage.
3. Dailies are best used from stealth as they dont break stealth and they gain 100% critical chance and Combat Advantage damage bonus as well.
4. Encounters used from stealth ALWAYS crit. Stealth breaks thou after using one but it gains the stealth bonus effect depending on each encounter as well as 100% crit on hit.
5. The build i use has Strength and Dexterity as primary ability scores so used all the extra points on these two.
Good races for this are Orcs and Drows by far.
Orcs have Strength and Dexterity as racial attribute scores as well as 5% more critical severity.
Drows have Dexterity and Charisma as racial attribute scores as well as a 10% damage resist debuff with a 5% proc rate on attacks.

Sly Flourish - I use this as secondary atwill, usually doing at least a full round of that to add the debuff to enemy's Damage Resist now and then (4th hit in the series adds the debuff).
Duelist's Flurry - This one is by far my best atwill, it does a flurry of hits granting u CC immunity too past 2nd hit in the series. Adds bleeding stacks as well which add up nicely to the damage this does.

For multi targets (lots of adds and monsters)
Dazing Strike - Good encounter to use for an AoE setup, it has a small AoE area around the target hit as well as a daze effect on hit. Used from stealth the AoE becomes a large cone hitting a far wider area near the main target and behind it. Damage is pretty solid and it has a low cooldown as well.
Blade Flurry - This encounter has 2 great things about it : 1) it doesn't seem to have any limit on how many targets it can hit at once and 2) u can use it 4 times within 10 secs window before it goes into cooldown (5 times if u use it from stealth as well since from stealth it doesn't add any charges when used). Great encounter for AoE clearing trash mobs, lower damage but using it 4-5 times at once makes up for that.
Smoke Bomb - This encounter is the bread-and-butter of any TR. ANY rogue should use this one regardless if he's playing solo or doing dungeons. Its basically a smoke cloud cast where u are, nice AoE which dazes and damages everyone inside it while its up. It has no limit on targets hit and used from stealth it adds a slow effect on all enemies hit as well. Its simply amazing in dungeons as a CC skill but only for fights where u have to clear trash mobs or generally lots of enemies at once.
For final bosses
Lashing Blade - The main encounter to use for single target dps is this one. The damage it does its simply amazing and used from stealth it hits with an additional 50% increased critical severity. Use for bosses if your job is to dps the boss.
Wicked Reminder - This encounter has up to 3 charges. The damage it has isnt that amazing but it debuffs enemy's damage resist greatly and can stack that debuff up to 3 times (lower DR by 7% per stack). It has a small AoE radius around main target hit as well and used from stealth adds 3 debuff charges directly on enemies hit and takes no charge to use. Good encounter vs bosses debuffing their DR and increasing the whole team damage on the boss due to that.
Impossible to Catch - This encounter provides really good survivability for the TR but is only available for Master Infiltrator paragon path. Its a self buff giving u 100% deflect chance and immunity to CC while its up and if used from stealth also adds +50% flat increased damage resist. Lasts up to 6 secs at rank 4. I use it often at boss fights to help me survive CC chains (like in Epic Lair of Lostmauth) and big hits that i may not be able to dodge. IF u feel u can survive well without it u can always replace this with another damaging encounter like Dazing Strike or Smoke Bomb (in case boss fight has adds too).

Class features(passives)
Infiltrator's Action - This passive gives the TR Combat Advantage (CA) for up to 20 secs at rank 4 after using a daily power. I'm finding it extremely useful since i can almost perma keep up my CA bonus with it.
Invisible Infiltrator - The second passive i use is a personal favourite of mine of late. After using a daily power it increases your damage by up to 20% at rank 4 for 5 secs. It also fills your steath meter instantly after using a daily power. I use this to great effect on bosses especially, using a daily then instantly following up with all my encounters within that 5 secs window of increased damage. It has good synergy with the other passive above since both are procced when using daily powers.

Daily Powers
Whirlwind of Blades - Great AoE damaging daily, can hit up to 5 targets greatly increasing Tr's power too depending on how many enemies it hit. Best used when clearing trash mobs. Always keep this daily slotted since its the only one with good AoE damage TR has.
Lurker's Assault - This daily is a self buff providing TR with some really nice boosts: Increased damage up to 30% and very fast recharge of the stealth bar. Lasts roughly 10 secs and it also teleports the TR to its target if used on one. Pretty solid choice for boosting your damage in boss fights usually.

Courage Breaker - This daily is very situational. It has okish single target damage but the utility usage is what makes it shine in certain situations. It slows the target hit by up to 90% and it IGNORES cc immunities of most bosses which means u can can slow them down regardless of them being cc immune. A great example of where to use this would be the scorpions in Epic Lair of Lostmauth, slowing one down with it so u can easily land all your hits on it. Effect lasts 10 secs and it also increases the TR's power by 25% while its active. It also decreases the damage of the target severely thou in PvE i have never seen that work, might only apply for PvP.
Bloodbath - This daily, same as Courage Breaker, is situational. The damage it has is pretty good but the best thing about it is that it makes the TR completely immune to any damage or cc while casting it as u dash around your target hitting it multiple times. It's great in fights like the dragon in Epic Lair of Lostmauth, can be used to evade laser too if he targets u with it and in other similar situations.

I usually keep Whirlwind of Blades and Lurker's Assault always slotted but i may sometimes replace Lurker's Assault daily with one of the other two i listed above depending on the situation. Very versatile setup for TRs like this.
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Fully offensive boons. Power, critical,armor penetration, life steal, any effects that add damage.. basically anything that increases the damage output works well for TR.


Picked Executioner feat tree simply because it has the best burst damage of all feat trees here. Most of the feats here increase your offensive stats or increase your damage once targets are under certain HP %age and so on. Capstone adds piercing damage as well if used right, needs to be proc/d using an encounter from stealth and afterwards from all the damage u do in the next 6 secs on the marked target the capstone adds 50% of that as bonus piercing damage too.
I combined it though with 3 feats from the scoundrel tree; the 3rd feat in there,"Back alley tactics", synergizes really well with the passives used in this build since it increases your damage the lower your AP bar is up to +25% more damage when your AP bar is empty and slowly diminishing as you gain AP.
For short each time after you use a daily power you receive a lot of damage buffs: Infiltrator's Action gives u CA adding a % of damage bonus depending on your CA bonus overall, Invisible Infiltrator gives u a 20% damage buff for 5 secs after using a daily power and the Back alley tactics feat further adds another 25% damage bonus since your AP bar is empty after using the daily power. If you time all your high damage encounters right whenever all these buffs are up your damage will increase considerably.

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