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Darkvil   created a new thread Paladin 3d Print in the General Discussion forum
Ghost   created a new thread New mod content / New items etc(12c?!) in the News & Announcements forum
Kreed   added 180 Advanced days to Call of Mystra
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Zanros   created a new thread Zanros Skullcrusher - The Floor Inspector in the Great Weapon Fighter forum
Chantra Everlight   added 90 Advanced days to Call of Mystra
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VesperaThat's how revolutions in CoM end - busted before they start!
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Firekatt   Ok, so next time we need to have our meeting away from the guild hall.
Gregg   I maintain that I was spying for you Vesp *efg*
Onaz_Clan   created a new thread Taking a break! :) in the General Discussion forum
Aureus   created a new thread Winter festival pics thread (2017-2018 edition) in the General Discussion forum
Chantra EverlightGregg has been promoted to officer. Congratulations! :d
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nofret2   Congratulations, Gregg!
Xaris@Xavaier   created a new thread Writing and World Building in the Off Topic forum
Aureus   created a new thread Guide to Winter Festival in the Tips, Tricks & Guides forum
AureusJust a tiny heads up...
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ThanatofobiaGet yourself a Ash Lion mount!
Oh and a chance to win a custom PC, if you are lucky enough.
Requires Likes/follows on facebook and twitter
Neverwinter PC & Mount Giveaway
Swords of Chult has arrived to Neverwinter!We are celebrating the launch of Swords of Chult by giving away an incredible custom PC to one lucky winner!Everyone who enters will also...
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Thanatofobia   NOTE: 8 days left as of 16-11-2017
Morthos   we can get wanderers fortune insignia bonus from this mount btw ;)
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AureusNew promo for a throve of elemental evil. Registering is required.

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Ghost   Title u get is "Heart of the Mistral"
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