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Gregg's uhm err Greg'ness (Prot)

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I have been asked to post this. Nothing complicated to start for now, I will update as and when I feel like it xD

I messed up the Feats and have been lazy to fix, so use your discretion and make fixes where u see the mistakes ;-)
Hint, Divine Action instead of Weapon Mastery. Remove Light's Shield and stick it in Wrathful Strikes etc.


Radiant Strike : Open with that
Valorous Strike : use this all the time while waiting for cooldowns

Tab: Divine Call : its a taunt as well as gives a temp dmg resist buff

Encounters :
Binding Oath
Templar's Wrath : temp HP for days
Smite for trash / Vow of Enmity for bosses
Sacred Weapon is nice single target DPS but is easily cancelled while casting so be carefull

Passive's: (Situational so use your judgement)
Aura of Courage - I run this 99.99% of the time
Aura of Radiance - I run that when clearing trash to help hold agro.
Aura of Wisdom = nice for recharge speed increase
Aura of Truth
Aura of Protection

Divine Judgement - great for dmg if group doesnt need the bubble
Divine Protector - even after nerf still great for team protection or those oh shit moments

Have SS of those on my profile/albums, just too lazy to attach here atm :p

Dancing Shield is my main
Frozen Galeb Duhr
Dread Warrior
5th I dont have anything great yet so change between a few things, either +2% Combat advantage dmg or some other spare depending how I feel.

Thats all for now. Feel free to ask if you want to know more
Posted Jul 24, 17 · OP · Last edited Jul 24, 17
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I screw up Chantra's feats all the time, Gregg. I know your pain. XD

Thank you for posting!
Posted Jul 25, 17
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