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Aureus   created a new thread Craddle od the death god in the Dungeons & Skirmishes forum
Ghost   created a new thread [Omu] Various maps with locations for Lost City of O... in the Tips, Tricks & Guides forum
MorthosHere's a new giveaway! :)
Neverwinter Fortune's Friend & Vanguard Pack Key Giveaway
The newest Neverwinter module, The Lost City of Omu, has just launched! And to guide you on the exploration and adventures in the lost city, claim your Fortune's Friend Title and V...
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AureusFor new mod: [link]
GhostNew promo giveaway for the arrival of new mod. Comes with a title (Just Thayan) and some free consumables, including an xp booster. Follow the link below to see it, as far as i recall it only requires u to have an account there to get the code.

Twasnt Allfornaught   created a new thread Miniatures and Terrain in the General Discussion forum
Chantra EverlightHey all. Not going to be around for a while because of something that came up in RL. I'm sorry for any delay in events or other things. Please take care.
Ghost   No worries Chan, u take care as well.
Firekatt   It's ok Chan. Take care and we'll see you when you can log back on.
Darkvil   created a new thread Lets Print a Mimic in the General Discussion forum
Miss CarlaHey everyone! I want to apologize for being away for so long... I've had a lot of chaos going on in my life over the last 8 months, and haven't had the time to dedicate to playing any games really. However, I do want to get back into playing again, so I plan on logging in to see what all is new. I miss all you guys so much!
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Chantra Everlight   Psssshhhht, Ghost makes me do all the forum nonsense.

Welcome back, Carla! <3
nofret2   Welcome back!!!
Ghost   Welcome back!
Darkvil   created a new thread The Dragon in the General Discussion forum
GhostI hope everyone has their farmer caps on this next weekend, double seals event AND 50% off seal purchases! It doesn't get any better than this if u wanna finally farm some gear (thinking t9g especially)
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Chantra EverlightTime to think about funding Vesp. :p
Dev Blog: Masterwork Professions in Lost City of Omu | Never...
Greetings adventurers, Asterdahl here to talk to you about the update to masterwork professions coming in the Lost City of Omu. This release will see the continuation of the master...
Vespera   I will need to check new gear and the end pricing (they were supposed to review old recipes' costs). I haven't seen any mention of new furnitures though. That makes me sad.
Darkvil   created a new thread Paladin 3d Print in the General Discussion forum
Ghost   created a new thread New mod content / New items etc(12c?!) in the News & Announcements forum
Kreed   added 180 Advanced days to Call of Mystra
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