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ThanatofobiaGet yourself a Ash Lion mount!
Oh and a chance to win a custom PC, if you are lucky enough.
Requires Likes/follows on facebook and twitter
Neverwinter PC & Mount Giveaway
Swords of Chult has arrived to Neverwinter!We are celebrating the launch of Swords of Chult by giving away an incredible custom PC to one lucky winner!Everyone who enters will also...
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Thanatofobia   NOTE: 8 days left as of 16-11-2017
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AureusNew promo for a throve of elemental evil. Registering is required.

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Ghost   Title u get is "Heart of the Mistral"
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GhostNew promotion. Requires ur account to be lvl 2 on the website, get some quick exp by upvoting threads/replies there or creating/posting in a thread.
D&D Neverwinter Ivy Mask & Endurance Pack Key Giveaway
Neverwinter has just launched their newest expansion, Swords of Chult! Alienware members can experience the latest expansion, Swords of Chult, with this Ivy Mask and the Endurance ...
Thanatofobia   Possibly i'm stating old news here, but.....

"Renegade Illusionist" pack (says the promo ended, but i got a companion anyway)
Code: fbyjHBUe

"Master of Illusions" pack

"Dread King" pack

"Archmage Companion" pack

"Critical Hit" Pack

"Feathered Roc mask" Pack
GhostNew chandelier, wider view to see the glow.
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Ghost   We do have expensive tastes xD
Chantra Everlight   Aureus is right. We need more romance in our guild hall. :p
Vladek   I'll bring the Charisma required for that.
GhostThis is how your screen will look when using that new artifact (one that marks 1 target and makes u deal 10/20/30/40/50% more damage to it for 10 secs)
Corsair   Not sure I like that, lol
Chantra Everlight   o_O Feels more like a status effect.
Ghost   created a new thread New lockbox packs (12b) in the News & Announcements forum
GhostWhy do u have to break everything... xD
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Vladek   Cryptic should really hire me for QA testing. If there's a way to break it, Vladek finds a way.
Chantra Everlight   created a new thread It's a bird! It's a plane! It's... Vladek? in the General Discussion forum
GhostThe [Coffer of Celestial Artifacts] and [Coffer of Celestial Artifact Equipment] get converted into the 1 coffer u see below next mod which has a chance to drop up to superior enchanting stones so save your boxes for next mod.
[Coffer of Celestial Enchantments] is kinda crappy next mod so dont bother with this one as it has chance to drop 1 25rp worth stone/2 25rp worth stones or 1 100rp worth stone and same pres ward/coal ward/1 peridot as below.
Ghost   Correction on what i said earlier, superior enchanting stone isn't the rarest one, ultimate enchanting stone is which is one that drops in tomb.
I got confused by their graphs with requirements in refinement:technical details thread on preview as i think they forgot to update them. Those say rank 14 upgrades take 3x superior enchanting stones whereas in reality its 3x ultimate enchanting stones...
Ghost   Still u should save those coffers for next mod as from a few test openings on preview coal rates seem decent enough. Out of 61 coffers i had saved i tried about 10 times and got 2/3/5/2/0/2/1/2/0/3 coals.
Darandie   created a new thread Leaving the guild and game for now in the General Discussion forum
Unknown User  added 90 Advanced days to Call of Mystra
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GhostVlad's new look! Get your fashionable masks while they last!
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Chantra EverlightEvery time Vladek runs ahead in Tomb of the Nine Gods, Gregg is like...
willy wonka- help police-stop don't
Uploaded by omar escamilla on 2015-01-01.
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Ghost   So accurate xD
Gregg   Best laugh I had in a while... cause it's TRUE!!!
Firekatt   That would be the same as when he runs ahead of me!!!
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